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Paramedical and cosmetic company based on organic and fair butter shea, les originels for human care and les équidés for horse care

My friend Ivan Komaroff asked me to co-host a seminar for Kala in July 2016. I am seduced by the two founders, Clarisse and Tarek, passionate.

I then choose to continue by accompanying them individually and collectively. Clarisse radiates her strong, humanist convictions to embody the bridge between her two countries of origin, Benin and France. It is a spiritual management, which governs this company which is in the field of paramedical, regenerative cosmetics, which creates skincare products based on organic shea, biodynamic, loaded in love. To continue to support them on the perilous entrepreneurial path, I have been a shareholder since 2018.

Personally I use face care, lip balm, foot care, and occasionally others. And the honey is of an incredible flavor, which nourishes all the needs of sweetness and inner strength, product of choice with dietary shea butter for vegan chefs.

I recommend their products Les Originels for human care and Les Équidés for horse care.