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with Alliance’s captains, Attilio & Alexis


In February 2019, with Romain Cristofini, we have a common dream: to accompany enlightened leaders on a multi-day retreat. He told me that he would be willing to co-host it on a sailing boat provided that it was an old-rigged sail… After some research, I came across the Alliance. Alexis receives me, he immediately captures our values and our desires. He tells me that he just did an internship to find his inner child, and that his father introduced him to yoga. Then I meet the mythical Italian, Attilio. In short, I fell in love with Attilio, Alexis and their boat, the magnificent and majestic schooner Alliance. On board, it’s fluid, precise, complicity is felt… and if we’re in the right vibes, we’ll have Attilio on the guitar, and dolphin tours. What a pleasure to sail with them since October 2019, in the creeks of Marseille or between Saint-Tropez and Marseille.

Attilio and Alexis, captains of the schooner Alliance








« If you want to build a boat, do not gather your men and women to give them orders, to explain every detail, to tell them where to find everything... If you want to build a boat, give birth to the desire for the sea in the hearts of your men and women. » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry