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with François Lopez

FOR MORE GNH Gross National Happiness

May 2018, training on the Tao game, we are only two. Imposed pair or chance orchestrated by the universe? Here we are making a 2-year journey with a weekly meeting to deepen this journey of the Tao. François is bald, it’s to better embody his role as a clown. We progress together on the path of intuition, of consciousness in transformation. This leads us to the GNH, Gross National Happiness. We bring an unusual approach, full of surprises for more embodiment of one’s life mission or organization’s purpose.

François Lopez
He is founder of « Blower of envie », accompanying on shared governance, the GNH, intuition, activator of potential, development and performance of TPE and SMEs, artist (clown, singing, theatre).





« One is a human being through other human beings. No one comes to the complete world. » Desmond Tutu, inspired by the ubuntu "I am human because I belong."