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with Philippe Baran


September 2015, training on liberated companies organized by MOM21, Movement for Organizations and Management of the 21st century. Passionate, convinced, we follow each other from afar. Philippe launches the antenna on Lyon of MOM21 and I launched the one on Marseille-Aix. I keep following him, especially when he’s going with his family for a tour around the world. Too great!!! We meet again in July 2021 during a day of the GNH Centre (Gross National Happiness). Philippe’s eyes shine when he speaks of his accompaniments on the way to Santiago de Compostela. Would you like to come with me for the inauguration of the Huguenot Way from Mérindol in the Luberon? It is possible to go there even in the inter-season or winter. Come on, the «path of freedom» is created. It will take you far. Will you join us?

Philippe Baran
He helps you to succeed in your challenges by embodying the spirit of adventure with confidence and audacity, a coach and facilitator in collective intelligence, a walking guide, founder of « Nouvelle trace ».
Coach for 15 years and passionate about travelling around the world, he uses his experience of travel, walking and coaching to accompany individual and collective transformations, to return to the essential, to regain the freedom to be oneself and to realize one’s childhood dreams. A Transformational Breath® practitioner, he uses the power of breath to free himself from his fears and emotional blocks..








« We think we're going on a trip, but it's the trip that makes you. » Nicolas Bouvier