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with Vincent Boury

For crazy pong, to raise awareness on disability & resilience

 I was willing to deepen team coaching. In June 2013, here I am in a complementary training, and I discover Vince, a huge smile on his chair. Touched by his story. And we understand each other when we talk about resilience after failure, which he experienced after his fall which made him paraplegic, but also resilience after success, after his gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. The anecdotes follow and are not alike: meeting with Matthieu Ricard, or an incredible seminar in the snow in Val d’Isère with a crazy pong for 60 people…

Vincent Boury
He is founder of « Adonf » (which means thoroughly), top sportsman in table tennis handisport with gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, consultant, coach, trainer, speaker.









« Living is being useful to others », Sénèque