Yoga classes
— FLOW in your body —

We are incarnated in a body. What if putting ourselves more in the individual or collective flow was through the alignment of our chakras, ...

Workshops seminars
— collective FLOW —

It is possible to live the flow with your team, to reach the collective flow. Each member vibrates on its vibration, while being in harmony with the team...

— individual FLOW —

Getting into the flow is a paradigm shift. It's about getting out of the mind, out of your ego, out of the action plan, out of your habits, ...

— large-scale FLOW —

Fanny creates the framework to live the flow with the master of ceremonies and the organizers. This upstream phase helps to clarify expectations, ...

Indicators et governance
— FLOW-score & GNH —

Which indicators guide you? Is it just turnover and profit? GDP and purchasing power? Or do you want holistic indicators, ...

Books, photos, card games
— creative FLOW —

The flow can be used in any creative activity. Fanny uses it to write her book, collective books, in photography, ...

Ideas for latter

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Flow-invest: Business angel, in charge of the ethics, governance and flow of startups: Kala, Wassati, e-MSanté, Fanny Flow. Support in the flow of startups. Prerequisites: realization of products and services that respect life. Ensuring fluidity between investors and entrepreneurs to avoid leaks. Monthly subscription. Seminars on the schooner Alliance for meetings between investors and startups, to promote the alignment between investors and entrepreneurs, lifting blockages during crowdfundings or fundraising.


Online flow: Participation in podcasts, online video programs. Willing to co-create an online summit on investor-entrepreneur alignment, or on the flow, or on GNH (Gross National Happiness).


Flow-app: Willing to create a mobile app to increase your flow, to help each other. Meanwhile, you can use the AppyBNB mobile app (enhancements on-progress).


Flow Promoter Certificate: issued to those who have attended several workshops, and tailor-made coaching according to what is missing.

Frequently asked questions

An answer is given by Isabelle Cassiers with her diagram.

The intention is to create projects such as the economy exists within the society, which exists within the environment (and not only seek sometimes for a crossover of the 3 elements as presented in the classic CSR scheme). The GNH is also a spiritual approach, with a dimension of oneself change to see societal changes and around oneself. 

Difference RSE et BNB

Yes, for example, young people say they are in the zone, or older people “live a moment of grace”, or in the world of personal development “to be aligned with oneself and the universe”.

No, personally I am from a protestant family, I lived 5 years in India of mostly Hindu culture, and Buddhist in the Himalayas. Yes, I’m influenced by that culture. But the GNH is independent of any religion. If you’re a Muslim, for example, it’s quite compatible. It’s a co-creation approach that respects everyone’s beliefs.

Indeed there is still much to be done in Bhutan, as elsewhere. However the intention is there, they are making progress. And the decision-making mode is through GNH and not just money. Moreover, highlighting allows us to see the areas of darkness. It is then easier to find solutions. On the other hand, there may be a mirror effect on other aspects in us or our country/community/organization regarding what shocks us in Bhutan. It can help us to have awareness, and then address those issues.

In the GNH, Gross National Happiness, you can redefine each item, including the indicator name. If some are afraid that this will not be serious enough in the company or community, the idea is to do a session to find with the project team which words are appropriate to use, including to define the global indicator that synthesizes all domains and subdomains.

Do you have any other frequently asked questions?

Send them to me or let’s discuss about them.

Promoting the flow in you, your teams, and with stakeholders

through intuition and play, in contact with nature and your body, for the fulfillment of each and your projects