Fanny FLOW

This is

A purpose,

  • Revealing the joy and life that are in the depths of Being in harmony and gentleness.

A vision,

  • Making emerge a world where beings live animated by love in fluid and natural interactions, in respect for each other and his environment.

A mission,

  • Promoting the flow in you, your teams and your stakeholders through intuition and play, in contact with nature and your body, for a blossoming of each and your projects. Promoting participatory or citizen governance and be guided by the GNH (Gross National Happiness) or flow-score.


  • Authenticity, Sharing, Joy, Boldness, Sisterhood, Love, Sustainability.

On my first day of life, I decided to live to the fullest.
Yes, I almost stayed there when I was born, moreover it was on December 25th !
At 19 years old, buried under an avalanche, as a miracle my head and an arm are in the air, but it was not the case for a friend.
I renew even more firmly my decision to be happy every day of my life. And what is incredible is that as my awareness and my spiritual journey progresses, I discover in happiness an ever greater depth, which I could never have imagined before! So every day I continue my experiences…

Coming out of Signal and Image Processing Engineering,

I refused jobs in Paris, and preferred to stay near the mountains. I fit into the social model: responsible position, getting married, having two beautiful children, an apartment with 360° view of the mountains (and no garden to be sure to go out in the mountains every weekend). Then I get bored…

My belief was that no position can get me out of my trouble.

Miracle, I had a proposal to drop everything, and to go living for 5 years in India, a country with 2-digit growth, so maybe I would get out of my boredom… I got angry for a month… Then another decision: I will not succeed in changing the habits of 1.3 billion Indians, it will be easier to question myself!

Every day, I discover myself and my environment,

Being behind my camera allowed me to observe and make special connections with Indians. I love their country and they helped me to wake up, to see the world differently, to discover my senses, my intuition, my physical body with yoga, and also my energetic body…

I even allow myself to change beliefs

« And if I felt in this life memories of past lives? »  It shakes … It is curious to become aware of living in parallel worlds when we have different vibrations… Another experience makes me feel a moment where everything is love around me.