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What is the FLOW?

You are in this moment in full concentration in your passion, your favorite sport, artistic creation or discussion on the subject that excite yourself with full love, or in contemplation of an incredible sunset ... You forget time, space, all that happens around you; you are in full serenity, aligned with your soul, your momentum of life, your life's mission, your values, your talents ... Yes, here you are ... You are IN THE FLOW.
This is possible to ease to reach this state, individually or collectively, in your private life or at work. Synchronicities then happen, everything runs smoothly. This is the moment to feel that everything is energy, wave, including money. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi defined this concept, especially in his book Flow : The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Do you want to live more in the flow, guided by the flow-score indicator?

The objective is to identify supportive environments to this fluidity, hyper-concentration, get into the current of life, including in the business, transform obstacles into opportunities or release leaks. The magic of life works. Intuition and extrasensory abilities develop.

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A U-shaped process to radiate a freedom of thought, in its actions, with inner and outer alignment, in respect for life, others, its environment, to make decisions driven by love and not fear.

The Earth vibration frequency increases, your own frequency also increases, to be in harmony, in phase, in the flow.

Raising awareness during conferences, giving testimonies at round tables, bringing a different perspective, a different vision of the world, etc. and by mirror effect, the idea is to inspire, to show that there is another possible.

Lightening by making an inventory of the existing. With the elements, like wind and light, the carpet rises, the dust becomes visible, but also the deep beauty, with awakenings.

Guiding to go from the head to the heart, releasing the mind too present in our western society. Balancing the left brain, cartesian and logic, and the right brain, intuitive, to give the human being the full potential. Then the reconnection to the heart, to love takes place. Be careful that digital and artificial intelligence are at the service of the heart, of humanity. Reconnect to nature, via seminars in a natural setting, by walking, or on a sailing boat. Projects for respect of yourself, others, your environment naturally emerge, whether at the family level, citizen, or in your organization or company.

Accompanying to pass from the heart to the body and its senses, intuition can then develop, as well as its extra-sensory abilities. It’s time to let go, to stop clinging to outdated believes, to transform, to release memories that prevent fluidity, to stop wanting to control everything in order to trust life, which has much greater potential than our limited view at the moment. Observe your fears, accept them, then DARE to take the plunge. The sounds of doubts fade, it’s time to make choices, the signal becomes clear and the flow circulates. Fanny has a whole series of tools to grow in consciousness and help this liberation: coaching, EFT, energetic phrase, liberation by some specific yoga movements, observing synchronicities, nature’s symbolics, etc.

Expanding, vibrating.

At each moment, the individual flow and the collective flow are felt, it is a total pleasure. The magic of life operates, the current of life brings us in serenity, deep happiness, with observation of the unexpected, emerging emotions without being overwhelmed. We look forward to discover the next episode of the film of our life, whatever the domains.

This is the time to put in place a monitoring, meaning indicators, evaluations by the GNH, Gross  National Happiness.

Listening deeply, to your intuition, to yours feelings. Leading to a minimum of actions with a focus on being and your energetic alignment.

Fostering “jugaad” innovation, which means “resourcefulness” in Hindi, frugal innovation, making use of available resources while soliciting the universe to foster opportunities. Also using intercultural innovation and managerial innovation, permanagement inspired by life and permaculture.

Then taking a first step to test, prototype, with an agile approach to adjust.

Fostering trust with all stakeholders, with subtle communication. Ensuring that we are on the same wavelength to favor emergence, collective intelligence, preferably using consent decisions and shared governance. Establishing rules of life to promote a safe environment.

Reconnecting to your life momentum. Revealing, bringing out a vision, projects aligned with your  purpose, your life mission, in accordance with yours values, yours talents.


I made a TEDx in French « Flow-score as indicator for life ».
Now I am willing to do a TEDx in English on flow-score or GNH, Gross National Happiness.

<<< Video of the keynote "Get in the Flow to speak English" at LeSpeakShow

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For crazy pong, to raise awareness on disability & resilience

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For large projects, Fanny can build a team of facilitators, according to your issues, areas, geographical locations, partners within the associations where Fanny is involved.

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Paramedical and cosmetic company based on organic and fair butter shea, les originels for human care and les équidés for horse care


To support for commitment strategies, using artificial intelligence

e-MSanté – Mitcom’s

The Guinean health card, to secure the patient care journey

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