Large scale FLOW

Fanny creates the framework to live in the flow with the master of ceremonies and organizers. This upstream phase makes it possible to clarify expectations, issues, desires, etc. Various formats are possible: Keynote of 20 min, conference of 30 min to 1h, coupled to a workshop of half a day or a day. The idea is to co-create it, the most suitable ideas and solutions come together.

For her conferences and participation in round tables, the main topics are:
• Flow, confidence, boldness, happiness, letting go, motivation,
• Managerial innovation, liberated companies, mission companies, remote management, shared governance, permanagement, meaning indicators, the BNB (Bonheur National Brut),
• Intercultural innovation, intercultural management, "jugaad" innovation, frugal innovation, resourcefulness,
• Distance education, liberated education.


Lectures given

«The manager of tomorrow: jugaad and mindfull?» at the gathering of the Germe South-East groups

"Intercultural, source of performance and collective intelligence" at Airbus Helicopters

"Building Together" at AMP Innovation

«Limits as openness to creativity» for ALL in Casablanca, Morocco

"Dare to Communicate Create Trust" to PMI

"Success in the Flow" at the Rencontres du Sourire, and for the CoSens incubator

"Manager in trust and flow" at SNCF

"Innovate in Flow" at iBP

"How to innovate simply?" at Radiall, and at the Entrepreneurs Fair

Round tables

« The keys to entrepreneurship »

«Testimonials from CHO, Chief Happiness Officer» 

« Invest here and there »

« How to approach foreign markets? »

International Yoga Day, screening-debate of the film « Standing »

International Day of Happiness

« Women in Leadership »

« Managerial innovation » at the Banque de France

« Knowing how to surround oneself to keep motivation » at the OSE forum for the CCI Aix-Marseille

Fanny can also work in engineering, management, communication schools or university in conferences, workshops, courses on:


Finding your way


Managerial innovation, happiness at work




Intercultural management

Fanny works in particular with the following speakers' offices and agencies:



platform of brilliant speakers, to emerge new ideas and debates from different voices



Agence of 50 speakers, to organize events especially for institutions, to raise women speakers, with values aligned to the heart. Read the article « I was transformed by my experience in India »



Lespeakers, platform between speakers and event organizers, to share your passion and to inspire. Conference: Managing in the flow


Pick & teach

for interventions in business, engineers schools and universities

Fanny Walter
and the conference

The first time on stage with a microphone, Fanny was 25 years old, is part of the works council of the company Green Informatique, and talked in front of the 80 employees. The heart pulsated, the ideas were transmitted, the adrenaline was there.
Then it was when returning from India in 2013, the awareness and desire to transmit were so strong that an opportunity arose to talk in the large conference room of the World Trade Centre of Grenoble at Agile Grenoble.




associate manager