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Creative FLOW

The flow can be used in any creative activity. Fanny uses it to write her book, in collective works, in photography, especially during her 5 years in India, in making a cards game, in writing a new conference. It comes at once, without warning. When the time comes, let us seize it. And sometimes it leads to write all night, noticing in the early morning that the new day is coming and that we have not slept yet ! Another time it happened in the bath, it lasted 2 hours and I recorded the new conference during it ...


Daring to communicate Building trust

Prefaced by Laurence Vanhée

Afterwords from Matthieu Ricard and Dr. Saamdu Chetri

The French version of the book was published in 2015 with Edition Pyramidion.
The book has been translated. We look forward for an English publisher in 2023. Any ideas?
Fanny can then promote the book in UK, Geneva, India, Bhutan, USA (Silicon Valley ...).

Participation in collective books in French on agile organizations, and permanagement.

Look at the page in French

Rupture Douce saison 3





A set of 7 postcards for the 7 principles of jugaad innovation
€25 + fees

A set of 10 photos of India
25€ + fees
Possible to order them by leaving a message.

Printing of Photos in large format

Photo exhibition on India

Contact Fanny about the possibilities.
Some photos are exhibited at his yoga & coaching studio in Mérindol, France.


manager of an international project in a French company

Afterwords from Dr. Saamdu Chetri

Founding Member and its first Executive Director of Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan

Afterwords from Matthieu Ricard