Workshops and seminars

Collective FLOW

It is possible to live in the flow with your team, to reach the collective flow. Each member vibrates on its vibration, while being in harmony with the team. Hearts beat at the same pace. At one point, a symbiosis is happening that creates an additional vibration, the quintina. The creation by the group united in the flow is much more than the sum of that of its members.

This requires that everyone keeps their own pace, even during interaction with a team member. It is necessary to observe one's ego, accepting it, in order to promote common realization.

It is also accepting at times not to move forward, because this is not the right time. "Yes, but it is frustrating!" The idea is then to observe your emotions, to take the time to share in depth about your feelings... Yes, it involves questioning oneself and can disturb... but it makes you grow in consciousness, joy and deep peace.

The collective flow can be lived with the members of his team, and also in collective when sharing a privileged moment even with people you did not know, such as a seminar, retreat, cruise… Each member helps each other to grow together, everyone has personal goals, and often there is a mirror effect between each others.

Team Coaching

The objective is to meet the challenges of the team, to work as a team on the vision/purpose/values/charter, the annual strategy, a review to go further in the flow, to remove blockages, to encourage collective intelligence for more ideas and solutions. The topics may also be frugal innovation, Indo-French intercultural communication, or managerial innovation.

Workshop: 2h/visio/month, or 1/2day per quarter, or 1day every 6 months, in your room or in an unusual place (sailing, walking, in the yoga studio, in a museum, in a permaculture field).
With directors committee or managers from small or large companies, group of entrepreneurs, business or engineers schools, caregivers/therapists/coaches, sports team (football, sailing, judo), artists.


Rendez-vous on the Big Blue 

Flow and boldness. Let go of the ballast, get on board and let go of the moorings, a course in sight to meet your challenges that are important to you.
The night at sea is a highlight... or the chance to meet dolphins... 48 hours at sea on the majestic sailboat the schooner Alliance, old rigging of 27 meters with 2 masts maneuvered by the two accomplices and endearing captains Attilio et Alexis, as well as you participants, and coanimated with Pierre Mastalski the pirate.
These programs are also suitable for a directors committee or a team of 12 people, tailored to meet your current challenges.

Check the agenda for the next departures from the old harbour of Marseille.

Path of freedom

Flow while walking, co-animated program with Philippe Baran of 3 days on the way of the huguenots from Mérindol in the beautiful Luberon National Park. Nights in gites. Course accessible to anyone in good physical condition. You will mobilize body, heart and mind, alternating times of walking, silence, coaching, sharing, breathing, yoga, creativity, letting yourself be surprised by the unexpected and the spirits of nature.
It's an opportunity to get back to basics, reconnect with your deep nature, feel free to be yourself, clarify your desires or plans.

Consult the agenda for the next departures.

Coaching for strategic partners on A320 flight simulator

Session on 1 day co-animated with Marine Epremian, and airline pilot Franck Italia. The opportunity is to develop your emotional and collective intelligence in a context of high demands! It is an opportunity to become aware of behaviours and emotions, then to adjust in a dedicated context..
Watch the video (in French)

Permanagement workshop

The workshop uses the concepts of permaculture to apply them to management. Contact with the ground allows an anchoring, liberation of emotions and egos to let the best emerge within the team. It takes place in « Pinpin » garden, permaculture field in Mérindol, or a place of your choice. It is also possible to create a permaculture garden or garden beds in your organization, with a partner, expert in permaculture, who helps to launch it.  For major projects, Fanny calls on a team spread out in France composed of co-authors of the book « Permanagement ».

« Crazy-pong » workshop on resilience or disability

Flow in a disabled environment, with Vincent Bory, paralympic gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games in table tennis. The concepts can be transmitted in a playful way with the crazy-pong, practiced on table tennis tables of unusual shape that disturb all landmarks.

Workshop « Book & you »

Co-facilitated workshops with Fanny's publisher, Corinne Ricouard. 
The goal is to develop your intuitive writing, to help you with writing articles, or a book or a collective book, while respecting the alignment with your purpose and your values. At the same time, writing helps to open yourself and allows a journey of self. Some writing techniques, for example how to get out of the blank page, or to know the expectations of publishers, as well as intuitive approaches from the theatre world, are transmitted and experienced.


agile coach


CEO of an 80 employees company


teacher-researcher at CentraleSupelec