Indicators and governance

FLOW-score and GNH, Gross National Happiness

Which indicators guide you?
Is it only turnover and profit? GDP and purchasing power?
Or do you want holistic indicators, with a global vision, that reflect your values, that guide you deeply to participate in the world you want to live in?
Money is an energy, which makes the subtle visible into matter.

Fanny's ultimate dream would be for the governance of France to be managed and guided by the flow-score, to reflect the progress of every citizen who wishes it towards more alignment to his soul.

The GNH, Gross National Happiness

inspired by Bhutan, allows you to go step by step, pragmatically and in co-creation. The goal is to move towards shared governance, with consent decisions.

The GNH inspires the path on Reunion Island, where they launched the « BRB, Bonheur Reunionnais Brut » for Gross Reunion Happiness. Fanny is in contact with these teams to share feedback. To learn more, discover the website of the association « Centre BNB France », its YouTube channel, and the website of GNH Centre Bhutan,

To get into the flow, each meeting at the French GNH Centre starts with 3 minutes of meditation, a tour of personal weather, a tour of "tension", that is to say the subjects that concern us on which we would like to move forward, which makes it possible to jointly define the agenda. And at the end of the meeting, we end up with a word of inspiration or what we leave with. Interview of Fanny Walter on the French GNH Centre (Centre BNB France in French) on Radio France Bleu Vaucluse on April 6th 2022 in the program «L'association du jour» (Video in French, add the subtitles in English, with YouTube bottom right button for subtitles, and choose English in parameters).

Fanny Walter,
governance and indicators

Fanny Flow accompanies you on your governance and the most appropriate indicators, starting from the current situation, your resources, your current indicators. For big companies or institutions.

According to the scope of the project, Fanny intervenes with François Lopez, Wassati, members of the French GNH Centre

The idea is a subtle balance between putting meaning to reassure the mind, and at the same time letting go to welcome the unexpected, listening to its intuitions even if meaning is not yet possible.


SNCF TGV Regional Director

Jean-Marc Delorme

member of the governance circle of the French GNH Centre (Centre BNB France)


de CCOP, Conference Citizen of Parties, Evaluation du projet tout au long de son émergence sous le regard BNB