Individual FLOW

Getting into the flow is a paradigm shift. It is a question of going out of the mind, of your ego, of the prepared plan of action, of habits, of certain rules or processes for coming back to yourself, your needs, your feelings, the respect of your rhythm, and listening to your intuition that the mind is unable to explain with logical arguments.

Fanny helps you lift your bottlenecks, identify leaks to put you back into your flow of life, develop your intuition, your confidence, your audacity, reconnect you to the momentum of life, linked to the 2nd chakra, place of creation, to promote the success of each of your projects that are important to you.

The approach

is holistic, which means that it takes into consideration the whole being. It's all about energy, frequency, and increased vibratory rate.

The goal is to be attentive to your creative thoughts, and to make choices carried by love, not fears. Everything that happens to us in matter is a reflection of our inner world. The journey made in the subtle translates into very concrete in matter. .
Examples :
• For an Orange HR Director, his worrying topic in coaching was the serene organization of his son's wedding. The result was, "This is the first time that a meeting with the unions has been so serene and building together."
• For Clarisse, the founder of Kala, working on her fears has enabled a crowdfunding fundraiser of € 82k.


Sessions can be done on site, or changing places each time to encourage inspiration, connection to nature, or video, or by phone.

They can be long, or short. They can be recurring every 2 weeks, or monthly, or just one session. They take place in French or English.


The tools used are adapted and varied.

Active listening, listening to weak signals, questioning, various coaching concepts and tools, NLP, tools from positive psychology, appreciative investigation, NVC (NonViolent Communication), U theory, MBTI personality tests, use of various card games, the Tao game, photo-language, intuitive drawing, permanagement (using parallels with nature and permaculture), meditation or mindfulness, observation of synchronicities, taking into account the messages of the body and its environment, and more intuitive and holistic approaches from various energy training, Tibetan bowls, Iyengar yoga, ...


Corporate rate for internal coaches, managers and directors

350 to 450 €excluding tax/h. A 10h package is recommended.
Price for individuals: 150€TTC/h.

Fanny Walter
and coaching

Fanny combines yin and yang, engineering training, business oriented with an executive MBA and a certificate of sustainable TPE entrepreneur, she then lived 5 years in India and reconnected to her intuition, feelings, emotions, jugaad innovation, which means resourcefulness in Hindi or frugal.


football consultant (former professional soccer player)


sustainable development projects manager


program manager